Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hotel La Jolla Here We Come!

A.R after asking me "Lisa J. Can I write 'It is beautiful' in my notebook?"

Sketching Hotel La Jolla
Today 9 of us traveled across the REALLY big bridge all the way to Hotel La Jolla. The children were prepared with interview questions, their clipboards and sharpies and a bundle of energy. Here is what they discovered:

The super troopers after walking up 11+ flights of stairs

Hotel La Jolla has 11 floors, has never has a fire and currently has 105 guests. We also walked up all 11 flights of stairs to learn that there are 161 stairs!

The pool is eight feet deep, there are three computers in the office, five in the back office and three at the front desk. There are also, roughly 648 plugs and 2 elevators!

The hotel makes between $8,000 and $12,000 per day (we had to explain that when asked ”How much do you make each day?” we really meant the hotel).
The hotel usually has 185 guests/day and it can hold 1-4 people per room with 108 rooms available. There is no golf course, but there are 11 floors.

It “currently” costs $149/night to stay “all day” at Hotel La Jolla and we can stay for” as many days as you want.” In addition to this, we learned that they serve pasta!

After climbing up 11+ stories, we found that there are 161 stairs in Hotel La Jolla, there is a pool and Clays serves deep fried Macaroni and Cheese balls on a stick!

Hotel La Jolla is 112 feet tall. There are 28,000 gallons of water in the pool. There are 132 windows and there were 22 cars in the back parking lot and 45 in the front lot.

When asked if they served chicken strips the response was “Yes.” When asked if there was a hot tub, the response was “Yes.” When asked if there was a hot bath, the response was “No.” When asked how many stairs there were, we were directed to the stairwell and asked to meet the group on the 10th floor.

There are 216 chairs in all of the hotel rooms and 18 chairs by the pool. Each wall is 8 feet tall and there are 109 TVs.

There are 108 rooms, 150+ beds and 125 cars can fit in the parking lot.

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