Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fire Station #9

On Friday the Fire Fighters from Station #9 welcomed us to an action packed afternoon complete with shooting the hose, touring the fire truck and watching them leave for a rescue!

Shooting Down the Cones from Lisa J on Vimeo.

Here are the answers to some of the questions that were asked on our tour:
E.G: The fire fighters save all sorts of animals including goats, chickens, pigs, dogs and even a hawk once! The have a special oxygen tank that is made just for dogs!
L.S: Most fire fighters at Station #9 work at 3-4 stations but have one home station.
A.O: The fire fighters at Station #9 put out 2-3 fires per day.
D.B: When a fire breaks out, 5 stations usually report to the fire and work together as a team to put it out.
K.S: Kyle (one of the fire fighters) has put out 100s of fires in his time (24 years) as a fire fighter.
R.W: When fire fighters fight fires they bring their fire hose and usually pump water through the truck and fight the fire with water.
L.F: Four people are usually in the fire truck and two people are in the ambulance, so 6 people work at Station #9.
R.M.A: We wear out pants over our boots so we don’t get burned, and we leave our pants on our boots so that we can put them on quickly.
M.L: To put the fires out “we put the wet stuff on the red stuff.”
A.D: There are three different types of fire trucks for different types of fires. One truck pumps water out of the fire hydrant, one truck carries water in it and the other has a big ladder that helps the fire fighters get to fires in tall buildings.
A.R: When the fire fighters are not fighting fires, they work with the community, exercise, clean, and check on the equipment.
K.H: When they are fighting fires with chemicals (not water) they use a powder that acts as a blanket. The powder lands on the fire and takes away the air it breathes and doesn’t let it run away. Kind of like what would happen if someone threw a blanket on you when you were trying to run away.
C.F: Station #9 does not have a fire pole because it is a one story fire station. The reason stations do have poles is because they are safer and faster than running down stairs.
M.M: They have 1,000 feet of 4” hoses, 800 feet of 2.5” hoses and 450-500 feet of 1 ¾” hoses at Station #9.
E.G: We ALL got to go in the fire truck!
K.F: The Big Houe (Fire Station #1 downtown) has the most fire fighters and equipment, but Fire Station # 17 is the busiest.
E.K: Station #9 does not have a Dalmatian, but Station #40 does and Station # 19 has a rabbit named Cool.
D.B.C: Station #9 works with the fire helicopters and planes, but harbor patrol works with the fire boats.

Station #9 Off to Save the Day! from Lisa J on Vimeo.

N.L asked “What happens when the fire alarm goes off and we are here?” and we found out! See the video above!

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