Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brazilian Book Cooks!

Last Monday we got to do Book Cooks with D.B and Carla!! It was so fun! Carla read us stories about Brazil and shared photographs and a 3D book with us. In one of the books we learned about the Azure Jay, a bird that eats the seeds of the Araucaria angustifolia tree. During our cooking time we got to make Pao de Queijo, a gluten free cheese puff! They were delicious and we enjoyed them after recess.
During Math Job time Kara and the kids continued to build connections between 3D objects and their 2D counterparts. Did you know a triangular prism is made up of 4 triangles, and one square? Or that the “footprint” of a cylinder is a rectangle and two circles? For handwriting this week we reviewed the letters H, K, L and U. The children were able to see if their letters were too wide by placing their 2 fingers over it. If the letter peaked out from either side then they knew it was too wide.

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