Thursday, March 17, 2011

Head To Toe... Here We Go!

Head To Toe... Here We Go! from Lisa J on Vimeo.

On Friday, Brian joined us to read Head To Toe by Eric Carle. After his wonderful reading we learned all about how Eric Carle made this book. The children enjoyed a good giggle when they learned that if all began in a Dummy Book. To learn more, click here. The children enjoyed swaying their hips like a crocodile and kicking their legs like a donkey. Can you do it? They can do it!
We discovered a catchy tune on youtube that sings our new favorite book. During job time the children are often singing it to one another. Here it is if you want to enjoy.

The children are now learning the song in Spanish!
I'll have more photos and scanned images for you next week!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Busy Week!

This week we sent our letters to Eric Carle learned a lot of interesting facts about him. Did you know that it took him one week to write “Little Cloud” and two years to write “Will You Be My Friend?” (which also happens to be his favorite book). During job time we focused our activities on “The Grouchy Ladybug”. The children learned about symmetry and made symmetrical Ladybugs, discussed our feeling and wrote about what makes us grouchy (and happy) and created our own Friendly Ladybug scenarios. The children have all chosen their favorite Eric Carle animal to create and some children began painting their tissue on Friday.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Questions for Eric Carle

From Eric Carle

-How did you draw your seahorse? _E.F-G
-Why did your whale fit on 8 pages? –K.H
-Why is the very quiet cricket so quiet? –K.S
-Why did the very hungry caterpillar turn fat? –R.W
-Your movie is very cool! How did you paint your fish? –M.M
-I got “The Art of Eric Carle” the book. How did you make the rooster sooo perfect? –D.B-C
-Why did you make the very hungry caterpillar? –L.F
-Which one is your favorite book? –A.D
-How do you do your drawings? –D.B
-How do you do good art? –N.L
-Can you come to The Children’s School? –E.G
-Where do you live? How do you paint a dolphin? –I.F
-Have you written any books about Monkeys? –L.S
-Where were you born? Where do you do your art? –R.MA
-I love the book “Does Kangaroo Have A Mother Too?” How do you stick the tissue paper? –C.F
-Why do you use tissue paper? –E.K
-Why do you make animals for your books? –A.O
-Why didn’t you put any other fish in your books? Why did you not do it? I want to know more too! –A.R
-Can you show me how to draw a dog? I am studying you in my class. –K.F

Friday, March 4, 2011

Great Artists

From Eric Carle

We began our Eric Carle study on the 100th day of school by reading “1, 2, 3 To The Zoo” The children made their own zoo trains and wrote about what their favorite animal at the zoo was (and why). We integrated our learning about Eric Carle by mathematically solving how many animals were driven to the zoo, writing about our favorite zoo animals, playing dominoes with Eric Carle animals and playing “Go Fish” with our Eric Carle number cards.

On Wednesday we began making our own Very Hungry Caterpillars (what a learning experience that is!). The children watched a video where Eric Carle taught them how to make a caterpillar just like his. We then painted tissue (not nearly as easy as Eric Carle makes it seem), drew our caterpillars (ours were WAY cuter than his) and cut out and traced our templates. We also wrote about why the caterpillar was still so hungry. Lily said it best with “because he didn’t want the story to end.” so true!

On Friday we read “A House For Hermit Crab”. During the story we discussed if and why hermit crab was a good friend and how his feelings changed throughout the story. We then learned about habitats and got to create our own imaginary creatures and the habitats they lived in. The children also decorated their own hermit crabs and drew the habitat surrounding a hermit crab.
All is all it was a wonderful and busy week! I hope we can keep it up!