Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Questions for Eric Carle

From Eric Carle

-How did you draw your seahorse? _E.F-G
-Why did your whale fit on 8 pages? –K.H
-Why is the very quiet cricket so quiet? –K.S
-Why did the very hungry caterpillar turn fat? –R.W
-Your movie is very cool! How did you paint your fish? –M.M
-I got “The Art of Eric Carle” the book. How did you make the rooster sooo perfect? –D.B-C
-Why did you make the very hungry caterpillar? –L.F
-Which one is your favorite book? –A.D
-How do you do your drawings? –D.B
-How do you do good art? –N.L
-Can you come to The Children’s School? –E.G
-Where do you live? How do you paint a dolphin? –I.F
-Have you written any books about Monkeys? –L.S
-Where were you born? Where do you do your art? –R.MA
-I love the book “Does Kangaroo Have A Mother Too?” How do you stick the tissue paper? –C.F
-Why do you use tissue paper? –E.K
-Why do you make animals for your books? –A.O
-Why didn’t you put any other fish in your books? Why did you not do it? I want to know more too! –A.R
-Can you show me how to draw a dog? I am studying you in my class. –K.F

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