Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Hopes and Dreams

“Today at community meeting they showed us some new shirts and a video. After community meeting I went back to the classroom and played with play dough. After morning meeting we had job time. My have to job was to draw what I wished for kindergarten. I wished that the classroom was made out of toys. At the sparkle table there were crafts. It was really hot today. At Todd Time we played musical hoops and tunnel tag. After recess I visited Ryan in Room 2.” ~J.L
Below are the hopes and dreams of friends in Room 5:
“To surf and catch butterflies.” D.L
“To learn to read.” LM.W
“I want to learn to read.” Q.G
“Learn about volcanoes.” P.B
“The classroom (will have) has Lego's around.” A.H
“Run on the tires.” J.B
“To learn about bugs.” S.H
“To learn about tigers.” M.F
“To learn about camping.” D.R
“I want to learn about sharks.” A.H
“I want to learn to count to 101.” L.A
“I want to learn about dogs.” A.A
“Learn about dinosaurs.” F.V
“The classroom was made of toys.” J.L

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