Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Dot

Today we began our mini author study on Peter H. Reynolds by reading The Dot. While we read the story the children made connections between the frustration they feel when they cannot come up with an idea and the feeling Vashti was having in art class. Throughout the story the children discovered hidden dots and the illustrators artistic style. Below is a reflection of our day from J.B.
“After morning meeting we went to Spanish with Isabel. In Spanish we drawed pictures of animals doing stuff. They kind of dance. After Spanish we went back in the class and we read The Dot and Super Puffy. During job time I went to Legos and builded two guys with helmets that had a screen that lifted up and down. I also builded a guy with a jet pack and a police and a doctor holding a guy with a skateboard. At the Sparkle table I painted lots of dots. I painted yellow and blue dots. First I put the yellow then I put the blue. At the Red Spin table I colored dots with the oil pastels. At the Horseshoe table I made a calendar, writed words and drawed a picture. This year in kindergarten I want to learn all about Snow Leopards.” –J.B

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