Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our First Day of Kindergarten

The children survived their first day of kindergarten. We spent the day exploring around our classroom, naming our tables and making friends. Below you will find their first blog post of the year!
“I feel happy.” M.F
“I am looking forward to our field trips at school.” L.A
“I like school because you get to play. My favorite table is the Sparkle Table. I also like surfing.” A.H
“I had a great day. My favorite part was peaceful time because I got to read books.” J.L
“I started out the day happy, but I turned out exhausted. I am exhausted because I did a lot of work.” S.H
“I had a good day and I feel happy.” D.L
“I had a great day.” D.R
“I had a fun time playing with the Lego’s.” F.V
“I am exhausted from drawing.” A.H
“My favorite part of the day was recess because I love to do tricks on the blue bars!” L.W
“I liked finding the caterpillar. I put it in a cup in my parent file.” Q.R
“I was really really sad because I fell on my face and landed my eye on a tire.” J.B
“I had a fun day in kindergarten. I went to the movie theater yesterday!” A.A

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