Friday, May 13, 2011

Constellations and Comets!

Has it really only been 3 weeks since the break? Time is flying by, and as of Friday the 13th there are only 18 school days left! Yikes! Your children have been absolutely amazing and absorbing everything like little sponges. For the two weeks following our break, the children were learning about planets and constellations with Kara. Towards the end of their study, they created their own constellations and stories. If you have a chance to visit Room 5, they are on display in our library area. Here is a sneak peek at two of them.

The children wrote their stories, drew an illustration and finished up by placing tracing paper over their drawing and making a constellation complete with an alpha star.
The children also had a chance to create their own planets. K.S created a planet called “Wizard 101. A planet made of magic, where wizards live and you can learn new spells.”
Here are a few examples. These are also on display in Room 5.

Last week the children finished their second drafts of their How-To books and we are waiting for the arrival of their Bare Books to publish and share them. We are hoping to have an Author’s Celebration in the next few weeks and will keep you posted. Our final unit of writing will be their All About Kindergarten books, which the children have already begun working on.
This week the children began learning about plants and we will likely be integrating this theme throughout the next few weeks as we work on assessments and winding down the year.

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