Friday, April 29, 2011

How-To What?!

This week the children began working on their How-To books. Below is a list of topics that the children will be teaching you and their peers in the form of a How-To book. Can you guess which one is your child?

How To….
Draw a Caterpillar
Draw a Butterfly
Make an Eric Carle Butterfly
Drive a Drag Car
Wash Cups
Plant a Flower
Make a Stuffed Animal
Do Gymnastics
Work an iPhone
Build Legos
Take Care of a Turtle
Feed Merey
Crush a Bottle Without Touching It
Horseback Ride (2 friends chose this topic)

And last but not least… Here is an example of How-To Build a Lego Set:
1. Get $10 to get a Lego set.
2. Ask a grownup that has a drivers license and a car (to drive you there).
3. If that person has enough seats to get you there (go with them).
4. Find your Lego set and bring the Lego set with you to the cash register.
5. Pay the register.
6. Go to your car.
7. Drive home.
8. Walk in your house.
9. Open the Lego set.
10. Get your Lego guys pants.
11. Get your Lego guys head.
12. Get your Lego guys hair.
13. Get your Lego guys shirt.
14. Build your Lego guy.
15. Enjoy!

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