Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pumpkins and Planting

Our week began with writing about our weekends. I was so impressed to see that children in kindergarten were attending Hebrew school, Sunday school and Dutch school on the weekends! Wow! We now have nine Quick-and-Easy words on our word wall which we practice writing every Monday with our Rainbow Writing. Quick-and-Easy words are the first 100 sight words that children should instantly recognize upon reading.
From Integrated Learning

Through our pumpkin study we have painted, measured and washed Peter our BIG Pumpkin. On Tuesday Peter was joined by a smaller pumpkin Penelope and we had fun comparing their sizes and circumference.
From Writer's Workshop

In Writer’s Workshop we read “Owl Moon” and noticed how the author used her words to describe how cold and quite it was in the woods, rather than telling us “It was quiet and cold in the woods.” We then practiced writing using “Show Don’t Tell”. To inspire us we all got to taste a piece of Pumpkin pie and describe how it tasted without telling our audience that it tasted like pumpkin pie.

In Math we continued to solve word problems and count our days in school. Did you know that in October there are five birthdays and only one in September? We also began our routine of solving morning math (simple addition and subtraction equations) problems.
From Global Buddies

During our Global Buddies time this week we read the book “Four Feet, Two Sandals” a story about 2 Afghani refugee children that become friends by sharing a pair of sandals. The children noticed that the students in “Four Feet, Two Sandals” and the students in “Listen to the Wind” both practiced their letters and numbers in the dirt. After reading and discussing the story we all went outside and tried writing in the dirt.
From Global Buddies

On Thursday, we planted flowers with our 5th grade buddies! The 5th graders read “Mrs. Spitzers” garden to the class and helped them plant their own pot of flowers. The project was lead by Lisa A. and is a part of the 5th graders Community Service Learning class.

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