Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another Busy Week!

From Book Share
From Book Share

What a wonderful week! Last week began with a showcase of our amazing authors. Many of the children were really into making books (wordless and full of what they are most passionate about), so we had an author share on Monday afternoon. The pictures aren’t the best (wrong setting), but I hope you enjoy the video!

D.B Book Share from Lisa J on Vimeo.

From Exploration

As many of you know “Squishies” have become quite the common interest among some of the children in our class. It is cute to see how they are cared for, kept safe in pockets and the excitement on the children's faces when they discuss how a new Squishy was acquired (or discovered). Above are some photos of the boys using their recess to build a Squishy/Pirate town.
From Writer's Workshop

In handwriting, the children have been reviewing their uppercase letters and getting used to the colored handwriting paper. They are focusing on bumping the lines, starting at the top and following the proper steps in forming their letters. Handwriting begins with practice on the colored paper and finishing up in their Handwriting Without Tears notebooks. So far we have reviewed how to properly write F, E, D, B, P, R, M and N. On the right you will find a link to the page that explains how to properly form each letter. Please encourage your children to take pride in their handwriting and bump those lines!
From Integrated Learning

During job time the children made their own pumpkins using a pumpkin glyph. To find out which pumpkin belongs to your child follow the glyph below:
Stripes-How many letters are in their name
Eyes-The color of your child’s eyes.
Nose-If they a boy, a triangle. If they are a girl, a circle.
Teeth-How many teeth they have lost. (Some chose to just draw a lot of teeth)
Stem-Your child’s favorite color.
We also measured the circumference of Penelope and Peter (our pumpkins) and counted all of their seeds. Unfortunately the mold got the best of them and they have now become compost :(
From Integrated Learning
From Integrated Learning

We read “The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin” (thank you D.B) and we all wrote about how we are all just a little bit different. Can you guess which one is your child?
1. “I am the only one who knows how to shoot a bow and arrow really far”
2. “I know how to ride a motorcycle”
3. “I speak Dutch”
4. “My wiggly tooth is on the other one”
5. “I like to draw the most”
6. “I went to school in Brazil”
7. “My address has two of the same numbers”
8. “My name is different.”
9. “I went hiking more than anyone”
10. “I lost 4 teeth and have 4 pre-cavities”
11. “My hair is different than everyone else. And my bump (on his lip)”
12. “I go on lots of trips”
13. “My hair is dark”
14. “I am different because I can run fast”
15. “I wear a blue hat”
16. “My brother is in Toddlers”
17. “My brother is in Pre-K”
18. “I have the most Squishies”
19. “I am the only Monfredi boy with a birthday in October”

1.) N.L 2) K.S 3) A.DR 4) D.BC 5) L.S 6) E.C 7) K.H 8) M.L 9) C.F 10) K.F 11) R.W 12) L.F 13) R.AG 14) A.R 15) D.B 16) E.K 17) EG 18) A.O 19) M.F

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