Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spoiler Alert!

It has been so hard deciding what to post and what to save until next Thursday night! The children are now experts in the art of Charles Schulz and are even beginning to pick up on some of the (appropriate) language he uses in his strips. The most popular this week were "You Sly Dog." and "Oh, Good Grief!"
The children got to buy and sell their Charles Schulz art pieces in our Room 5 Art Gallery. On Monday, each child filled their wallet with 5 pennies, 3 nickels, 3 dimes and 2 quarters (and were given the challenge to figure out the total value of the coins). They then discussed how much each piece of art should cost. After much discussion they decided they wanted to be able to buy at least 5 pieces of art, so after more discussion and manipulations of dimes we determined that each art piece would be sold for $0.20. It was fun to see which children were interested in buying, selling or keeping their art work. My favorite were the children who sold their art piece for 1 day at the full price!
Getting Peppermint Patty ready for the art gallery
Our Global Buddies got to meet with us today to bundle up all of the supplies we have collected for Tanzania! We are still sharpening pencils (our pencil sharpener overheated twice!) but so far we have over 500 colored pencils and close to 1,000 regular pencils! During the week the children wrote (and illustrated) letters to the children at the Mbahe school. My favorite question was from S.Y who asked "Is there anything else you need?" so sweet!

During morning meeting the children decided that they really wanted to put on a play with their canvases. The idea seemed quite odd to me, but they were all so excited about the idea that I had to see where it would go. Below is a sneak a peek of one of the skits V.V., P.R. and M.C. put on using their canvases. We have decided to make Charles Schulz puppets tomorrow because the children want to bring their canvases out onto the playground with them!

I am going to leave you all with a little moment that melted my heart... Your children sure do love you.

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