Thursday, December 8, 2011

13 Little Experts

Every morning we begin our day with our morning greeting and news. This is my most favorite part of the day because the personalities of your children come shining through. One of the highlights of my week is our morning meetings the day after a Charger's game. I hope you enjoy the news of our little Charger's fan as much as I do!
Another week has come and gone as the children continue to learn about The Three Little Pigs. This week the children continued to work on their Three Little ______ stories. On Monday and Tuesday, the children used a graphic organizer to convey what happened to each character and their home when the Big Bad _____ came. Today, we began writing our stories and the children were able to choose whether or not they wanted to begin by writing their stories through pictures, words or both. Through out the next week we will continue to work on the stories together in hopes of sharing them with you next Friday.

During morning reader's workshop we read The TRUE story of the Three Little Pigs and the children worked as a class to compare the two versions of the tale. I recorded their feedback and have it hanging on our classroom door if you would like to see what they noticed. They then filled out their own venn diagrams and wrote about whose perspective they believe the most. During our discussion we talked about how some things happen on the playground that seem to be intentional at first ("Someone threw sand at me!") but once we hear what happened from the other perspective ("I was digging a hole and didn't know you were behind me.") we realize that the story may be a little different than we had originally thought.

In Math this week we played two new math games. The first game was called +3. The children rolled a die and found the corresponding number on their chart. Upon finding the corresponding number, the children then added 3 to the number and wrote down the answer in the space provided. The game ended once the child had a row of 5 or a column of 6.  
The second and third games we played were called Roll A Scene and Roll A Story. In both games the children rolled a pair of dice and added number represented. They then had to find that number on their recording sheet and figure out which portion of the story/scene they got to draw. The game got really fun when the children were trying to figure out what combinations they needed to get the final number. I don't think they realized how many math equations they were solving in their quest to complete their story/scene.

In Science this week we had a lot of fun surrounding huffing and puffing. In one of our Huff and Puff experiments the children had to huff and puff a marble, lego, tissue and an object of their choice across the table. Prior to performing the experiment the children predicted which would be the easiest and why.

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