Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apples and Sailors!

Reader's Workshop:
During Reader's Workshop we read The Little Red House With A Star Inside. It was the first time we had read a story without pictures and a few of the children were not excited about that idea! The story is about a little boy who goes on an adventure to find a little red house with no doors, and no windows with a star inside then report back to his mother about his adventure. Midway through the story I had the children draw their predictions of what they thought this house might look like. All of the houses were drawn little, red and containing a little star inside. After all of the predictions were completed, I finished reading the story. The little boys journey took him to an apple orchard where he found a big red apple. As he looked at it he thought "Well this could be a little red house, with no doors and no windows, and the stem is a perfect chimney, but where is the star inside?" When he brought it to his mother she cut it open and revealed...
I wish you all could have seen the look on your children's faces as they thought I had magically put a star inside this apple! Maybe they will think you are as magical as I was!

Music With Lauren:
I was able to pick the class up early from Music this week and join them for The Carnival of Animals Lauren has been introducing them to the different musical instruments and helping them hear the story through the music. Lauren will also be helping us get ready for Big Pumpkin!

During science we used our sense of taste to decide whether or not we like green apples or red apples more. The children each tasted a slice of apple and wrote descriptive words to describe what each apple tasted like then decided which they liked the best. We will be graphing the results next week.

Global Buddies:
The children that didn't have a chance to share their observations last week began our meeting time with their share. After sharing and discussing the similarities and differences between like in America and life in Kenya, we read the story Give A Goat. A story about a 5th Grade class who read the story Beatrice's Goat and raised enough money to buy a flock or chickens, a Goat and some honey bees! Next week our Global Buddies will be on a field trip so we will meet with them the following week.
On Friday we had our very special visitors arrive (which is why the blog is a bit delayed)!! After their wonderful introduction at community meeting Sailor Dave joined our class for the morning and answered questions about living on a submarine and traveling around the world. After a long Q&A session (almost 30 minutes!) he read The Giving Tree to the class before they headed off to P.E. It was quite a treat to have Dave with us all morning. He is a father of a kindergartener and he could not stop telling me how polite and smart our class was, of course I was not surprised!

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