Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Long Ago....

Last week we looked at pictures of La Jolla from long ago. The children discussed the differences between the way La Jolla looks now (a lot more buildings and better roads) to how it looked then (a lot of dirt and not a lot of color). We saw photographs of businesses in La Jolla, people golfing at Torrey Pines and playing at La Jolla Shores. Here is some of the feedback we got when we asked the children what life was like 100 years ago.

One Hundred Years Ago…..
K.S. “Long ago, they had slow cars.”
C.F. “They horses that go fast.”
A.DR. “The cars had no windows.”
R.MA. “There were dirt roads.”
E.G. “They had horses and carriages.”
N.L. “There was no sun.”
R.W. “A lot of people died.”
D.B. “The train has circle windows.”
L.S. “The cars can be on water.”
E.G. “ They had house boats.”
A.O. “I think they had black and white T.V.”
M.M. “There is no food.”
A.R. “The film is black and white.”
L.F. “Cars looked like tractors.”
E.K. “They rode horses.”
K.F “The road was dirt.”
D.B. “The carriages were motorized.”
K.H. “The film was black and white.”

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