Monday, March 8, 2010

"I enjoy working in a quiet and subversive way." ~Andy Goldsworthy

From Great Artists

From Great Artists
From Great Artists

Our Great Artist study has begun! Throughout the past two weeks the children have begun exploring the artistic style of Andy Goldsworthy. The children have had multiple opportunities to work with sand, stone, clay, leaves, berries, pinecones, twigs, bark and more. When Andy Goldsworthy creates his art in nature, his intention is not to “make his mark” on the landscape, but rather to work with it and create a new perception and an every growing understanding of the land. The children have begun to embrace and understand his philosophy as well as build an awareness and appreciation for the environment around them.
From Read 2010

On Tuesday we took a break from our regular routine to enjoy some pancakes, get comfortable in our pajamas and snuggle up with our favorite books. The children took and active part in reading books and listening to stories for 2,010 seconds! It was truly spectacular to look around the campus and see everyone reading!

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