Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fairy Tales and Cinderella

From Book Buddies

What a week it has been! Amidst assessments and our fairy tale study it is hard to know where all of the time has gone! This week the children continued their weekly routines of weekend report, handwriting, reading, math practice and writing in their journals. In word study, the children focused on the –an family. Their word study included reading three new –an books, “Flip and Write” as well as making their own –an books. The children were recently introduced to the ‘Magic 5 of Writing’. After completing a writing assignment the children need to check and make sure that they have used the following 5 things: 1. Each sentence begins with a capital letter. 2. Use punctuation 3. Use the word wall 4. Use spacing 5. Use lowercase letters.
Our fairy tale study began with a reading of Cinderella with our Book Buddies. During job time the children traced their buddies shoes of feet to make an outline of their “glass slipper” and measured their glass slippers using blocks, cubes, rulers and dominoes.
During Reader’s Workshop we read Cinderella Skeleton and created our own silly Cinderella stories. In one story Cinderella was an Alien who lost a heart when the clock struck midnight and danced with a monster at the ball and lived in outer space forever…

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