Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkins Galore

From Pumpkins and Butterflies

Lots of sharing in kindergarten has been occurring. Last week Q.G was kind enough to share the special release of her butterflies with us. To see more photos of the release, click on the photo above and it will link you to the Picasa album. D.L also shared the book Ten Red Apples with us. As we read the book we “flashed” the numbers 1-10 and discussed the different ways to flash numbers with our fingers. J.B also brought in a book about a class that wanted to count pumpkin seeds. After reading the story we learned that the number of seeds in a pumpkin depends on the number of ridges on the pumpkin. The following day we opened up our own pumpkins and roasted our own pumpkin seeds. After roasting them we were so excited to eat them that we completely forgot to count them! We did find out that the small pumpkin had the most seeds, followed the big pumpkin.
From Roasting Pumpkins

The Estrada family gave us our very own BIG Pumpkin. After measuring it we got to paint it, then wash it. To see activities we have done around our BIG Pumpkin click on the photo and you can follow the adventures of our pumpkin.
From Painting Pumpkins

In Math the children worked in small groups or independently to solve the math problem “Dominic and David want to count the seeds in their pumpkin. 5 seeds fit on the plate. If Dominic and David have scooped out ___ seeds, how many plates will they fill?” Each problem was individualized for each student.
From Math Problems

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